Established 1987

Acoustic enclosures for swimming pool pump & filter equipment.

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We are the Original Acoustic Pool Equipment Cover. Tried, Tested and Trusted Since 1987!

Family Owned & Operated

The Filter Box Company™

The Filter Box Company™ specialises in manufacturing high quality covers for pool pump and filter equipment.  Our filter boxes use only the highest quality materials and are designed with the assistance of an acoustic engineer to reduce noise levels from pool pumps and motors by up to 80%. Our pool filter covers can be supplied Australia wide.

The Filter Box Company™ is a Trade Only supplier. If you are unable to purchase through your local reseller please contact us.

Filterbox Products

Our Range


Standard Range


Backless Range


Slimline Range


1800 High Range

Plan Ahead!

Many local councils require your pool filter to be enclosed in a suitable housing before they will approve your pool. Check your plan to see if your council makes this requirement.


Check These Major Benefits

Reduce Filter Noise

by up to 80%. See our Acoustic Report.

Save up to $500

a year on electricity. See our Brochure.

Protect Children

Help protect children from dangerous electrical and mechanical equipment.

Wide Range

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Highest Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials from the most reputable Australian suppliers to produce an overall superior product.

High Level of Access

Provided by the large front mounted door and by the hinged lid.

Conceal & Protect

Your expensive investment from the damaging effects of sunlight and rain.

The Filter Box Company™

The easy way to cover-up poolside clutter.


100% Australian Made

THE FILTER BOX is designed to enclose not just the motor but the ENTIRE EQUIPMENT including the filter, motor, pump and electrical accessories.

Constructed from long-lasting Bluescope Galvabond steel each Filter Box is then given the additional protection of an attractive powder-coated finish.

Supplied Australia Wide

The Filter Box Company™ pool pump and pool filter enclosures have been designed with the assistance of an acoustic engineer. All models include carefully calculated ventilation openings incorporated into the design with the addition of high density sound absorbing acoustic lining to further enhance noise reduction.

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