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Sizing Guide

The following guide is designed to give you an idea of which size Filter Box would generally be required to suit your filter set-up.

As installations can vary considerably, an additional check can be made by using the dimensions supplied.

  • MODEL A will usually fit one large sand/cartridge filter, motor, pump and chlorinator.
  • MODEL A+XB will usually fit the same as MODEL A plus a solar heating pump.
  • MODEL A+XC will usually fit a large filter and up to four pumps, including solar spa blower etc
Adding Solar Heating?

The Filter Box Company’s unique design utilizes a modular expansion system. This means that there is a Filter Box Company product to suit most types of pool equipment. Planning on adding solar heating? No Problem! Simply by purchasing additional modular panels, the basic filter Box (Model A) can actually be expanded in stepped up sizes to any required width to accommodate any extra motors/pumps without having to purchase an entirely new filter box like you would with many other brands. To determine which one of our quality acoustically engineered pool filter enclosures suits your needs please look at our sizing guide. If our standard size doesn’t suit your requirements most models shown are available in a 1300 High, 700 Deep and 850 Deep variety.

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